Service counter open: 
Mon-Fri 8.30am - 6.30pm 
Sat 10.00am - 3.00pm | Public holiday closed

  • Free delivery service
  • Service washing, ironing and drycleaning
  • Computer, internet and printing
  • Copying, Scanning, Faxing
  • Parcelpoint

Free delivery service (Mon - Fri between 09.30 to 1.30pm) 

  • Home delivery service minimum order $30.
  • Regular commercial delivery sevice minimum order $15 and also account facility is available.

Service washing (Wash/Dry/Fold)

Why do your own washing when we can do it for you. Drop off your washing and have clean folded washing ready for your collection. We specialise in domestic washing and commercial washing for any business.

Service ironing

Don't want to do your ironing? The Laundry Room provides an easy and affordable ironing service for you. Bring your clothes in dirty and we can wash and iron them for you.

Service drycleaning

The Landry Room offers the ultimate in quality dry cleaning. Our dry cleaning is 100% guaranteed from experts who understand how to care for all different fabrics.
Dry cleaning removes stains and smells from fabrics using special techniques where water cannot.
At The Laundry Room your clothes will be cared for cleaned and returned to you feeling and looking cleaner and better.
Trust The Laundry Room to provide your clothing with the best treatment possible.

Computer, internet and printing

The Laundry Room offers fast and stable internet at affordable rates. All computers are connected to printing services.

Copying, Faxing and Scanning

Other services include high volume B/W copying, Faxing, Scanning.


ParcelPoint is the new, easy way to receive and return your online purchases. Now you can pick up and drop off parcels at The Laundry Room, when it suits you.
  1. Premium wash, dry & fold $4.00 per kg
    Premium wash, dry & fold $4.00 per kg
  2. Regular wash, dry & fold $3.75 per kg
    Regular wash, dry & fold $3.75 per kg
  3. Wash & dry only $2.75 per kg*
    Wash & dry only $2.75 per kg*
  4. Wash and iron men's shirt $4.00
    Wash and iron men's shirt $4.00
  5. Drycleaning jacket $10.00
    Drycleaning jacket $10.00
  6. Drycleaning pant $9.50
    Drycleaning pant $9.50
  7. Drycleaning overcoat above knee $15.00
    Drycleaning overcoat above knee $15.00
  8. Drycleaning overcoat below knee $18.00
    Drycleaning overcoat below knee $18.00
  9. Drycleaning dress $15.00
    Drycleaning dress $15.00
  10. Doona/bed spread start from $20.00
    Doona/bed spread start from $20.00
  11. Drycleaning 3 standard items $20.90
    Drycleaning 3 standard items $20.90
  12. Table clothes
    Table clothes
  13. More item garments available visit the store
    More item garments available visit the store
  14. Drycleaning blouse
    Drycleaning blouse
  15. Drycleaning curtain/drapes
    Drycleaning curtain/drapes
  16. Drycleaning skirt
    Drycleaning skirt